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Interior Design Ideas for a Home in Bangalore

While a beautiful home is everyone’s dream, experiencing a dream home every day is bliss. Interior design always has an impact on your lifestyle. 

If you are looking for some classy ideas to remodel your house or even build up a new one, here are few interior design tips that can help you transform your living space.     

Use of antique pieces

Decorating with antiques adds uniqueness to your home. Antique pieces always accentuate the interior and bring an elegant look overall. Just their beauty is enough to decorate the entire area by bringing past and old into our modern-day life. 

Binging in the antiques and placing it doesn’t serve the purpose. Decorating with antique pieces requires a little mastering. Check for the colours that match your home.  

You can bring in antiques in the form of bookshelves, vases, side table, coffee table or even a clock. Always budget-friendly antique pieces are the best when thinking of classy decorating ideas. 

Traditional pooja unit

Traditional Pooja Mandir Interior Design Soul Space Arista
Pooja Unit from Soul Space Arista, Bangalore

The most relaxing corner of the house. A pooja space can be a room itself or just a small space in the living room or near the kitchen in the form of a pooja mandir. While setting up a pooja area take care that all the elements are arranged correctly. Consider the pooja room vastu, the idols, the model of the mandir and the materials used for all these. All these elements should blend perfectly with the ambiance and colour of the house, which becomes ideal for meditation.

Simple and Functional TV unit   

TV Set interior design Duke Richards Interiors Bangalore
TV Unit from Shriram Chirping Woods, Bangalore

A simple and functional TV unit always enhances the aesthetics of the space. If the space is large one can always opt for a large entertainment unit. Moreover, that can be a functional TV unit that contains cabinets and racks to hold things.

If the space is small, a lower stand with a few wooden boxes kept on the floor with the TV fixed on the wall will create sufficient space in the room. If needed the entertainment units can be closed to hide things or kept open to flaunt the creativity.    

Decorate with what you have

Showcase Interior Design Shriram Chirping Woods
Shriram Chirping Woods, Bangalore

Your collection can turn out to be the main design element in your dream home. Instead of rushing to the store, first have a look at what you already have. Take ordinary items and work them into your decor. Make use of the souvenirs you have gathered from your trip. Used bottles are a good choice. Instead of dumping them into the recycling bin, see if the shape and size appeals you. If so the bottles can be cleaned and used as vases or any other decorative pieces.
Kids always have a flair for painting. Do not store them on the shelves, let them find its place on the wall of the living room or a drawing-room. Put them on display in pretty frames.

Green is pleasant

Garden Balcony Interior Design Shriram Chirping Woods Duke Richards Interiors Bangalore
Shriram Chirping Woods, Bangalore

Use plants to decorate your space. Plants just have a way of making any space feel bright, lively and gorgeous. Not only that, they can clean the air inside your house and balance the humidity.
Either you can create your own plant corner or keep some succulents on your dining table or coffee table, some can even be kept in the bedroom. Another way to add colour to your home is to have a balcony with plants.
Add at least a few indoor plants for the health benefits it provides.

Use of Natural Stone 

Stone wall Interior Design Soul Space Arista
Stone Cladding from Soul Space Arista, Bangalore

Natural stones make your home beautiful and give a distinctive touch to the home environment. Using stones have more benefits apart from its beauty. It is one of the most durable materials used for construction and also long-lasting. While choosing the stones see that it matches with the colour tone of the room. 

Stonewall claddings are perfect for any room, be it a living room or the kitchen.

Use Rugs to define areas

A rug can add warmth to the room. Once you have selected the right couch and a perfect coffee table to match, move on to select a perfect rug. Choose a rug that blends well with the colour scheme of the room and the couch. The size of the rug matters a lot. Select a rug that is in the right scale of your room, not too big, nor too small.  

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