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Features to start

Living Room interiors

♢ TV Unit – Veneer Finish in ply with glass and decoration and lights if necessary, Elegant and Straight line concept.
♢ Crockery Unit, with glass doors on top and bottom portion with depth to match the depth of wall.
♢ Pillar with panel to be done as continuation with crockery and pillars to avoid the openness to kitchen, hence to seek attention to the wood pillar with display.

Kitchen interiors

♢ Base unit with 3 tandem and one pull out with 2 baskets (BWP), to have all Hettich Hinges and channels.
♢ Overhead unit with glasses and lights all with laminate finish (BWP) will have necessary glass units and the exhaust pipe will be covered.
♢ Granite Slab (black).
♢ Tiles for Kitchen.
♢ Plumbing for sink and tap.
♢ Gas copper pipe in kitchen with GAIL connecting option.
♢ Electrical work, for Kitchen and Crockery unit.
♢ Utility in laminate finish (BWP) base unit till the granite size.
♢ Utility in laminate finish (BWP) over head unit till the granite size.

BEDROOM interiors

♢ Master Bedroom Wardrobe in Commercial ply with Veneer finish ‘L’ Shape (soft channel and hinges), will have 180 degree hinges for corner doors. The drawers will not have handles but groves.
♢ Loft master bedroom in same veneer. (Regular Hinges)
♢ Guest Bedroom In laminate finish. (Soft hinges and Channels)
♢ Loft Guest Bedroom in laminate finish. (regular Hinges)
♢ Kids Bedroom In laminate finish. (Soft hinges and channels)
♢ Kids bedroom loft in laminate finish. (Regular Hinges)
♢ Curtain Rods. (4 windows)


♢ Bathroom boxes with mirror and light will have mirror end to end without handles.
♢ Master room bathroom box with mirror and light on top of it.

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