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Shoe Rack

Not all shoe racks have to be a miniature shoe cabinet. We love this piece for your front entryway. Veneer finish, step shaped racks designed with pelmet head portion gives it a perfect shape. These simple slide out shelves calls for a convenient operation, above all it’s a classic and elegant way to keep things organized.

TV unit

TV units in wood gives a visual contrast that melds with the colour scheme of the modern living space. Here they bring a sense of coziness and charm to a polished, urban interior dominated by simple and clean design with base unit in wood.

Crockery unit

Crockery units are the excellent solution for storing special occasion crockery collections. Carefully fabricated contemporary crockery unit with each mirror piece beveled and interlocked to precise sizes, coupled with square shape etched glass for its doors. This is a great way to show off stylish collection of crockery while making everything readily accessible. This unit is made with beautiful black walnut veneer and brown brew granite top.



The most important factors when it comes to a kitchen are the lights, comfort and simplicity. The kitchen here is made with a lot of planning with respect to the overhead size of corner unit, the use of tall unit and the built-in unit for the refrigerator along with some slide out shelves. Therefore, we recommend that you go for multifunctional pieces that are a must for tight spaces, which will make it clean and simple.


Special care was taken to identify the size, shape and texture of the dining table, chairs and lamp. The chairs were chosen appropriately that it should be comfortable as well as good looking. The eye-catching light fixture completes the decor of the dining space.

Sofa & Curtains

All earthy tones were chosen to match the home decor.
Sofa and the curtains blend with the colour theme, along with the false ceiling edge polished to dark walnut.

Natural stone wall cladding

Stone claddings make your home beautiful and gives a distinctive touch to the home environment. This natural stone cladding with veneer panel on the kitchen wall gives an elegant look to the entire space. The other side of the wall is a MDF jali cut to blind the kitchen and complete it with veneer panel to enhance the look of the wall from the living and dining area.
These stone wall claddings are perfect for any room, be it a living room or the kitchen.


Think of bedroom, and the furniture that pops up immediately is the bed and the wardrobe. These wardrobes are W in different sizes and shapes which makes the wood look attractive. These glass garnishing on the wood becomes a decorative piece of the room. Mirror creates an illusion of roominess in small rooms which is quite common in apartments and small homes. Sliding doors are the demand of the time which creates free space for movement.


Each and every space was taken care with great workmanship. Utmost care was given to water passing areas, where ply gets soaked and eventually gets damaged. To solve this problem we have used more granite. The structure takes care of storage, chimney outlet and gas cylinder placements to its right places.


Interior design affects how you live, move through space and interact with interior environments on a daily basis.


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