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Interior Designers are not just Decorators – The Reality of Interior Design

Interior designers are not just decorators, though thats the easy way to describe what interior designers do. Decorating is only a part of the whole process. Designers always look into the functionality and the flow of the space and then think of how to make things look pretty. 

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Interior design is not a simple thing. It’s not just changing colour, fabric, pillows, and throwing up some paint. Of course, those are renovation, but interior designing is much more than that. In interior design the life cycle of some projects can be really long. It’s very rare that any project will take less than 4 months.

An interior designer’s job is to make spaces look good, but there’s so much more to it than most people would expect. The reality is, an interior designer try to solve the problem of space management by keeping in mind the functionality of the space. And there are some very complicated process involved in designing a space.


Processes that are used for the completion of any project

  • Meet the client and get to know about him/her and the needs.

meet client know requirements

Getting to know about the client is the first important thing any designer does. The personality of the client matters a lot when designing a space for him/her. Talking to them before starting a project will give an insight on their likes and dislikes, needs, their design sense, etc.

  • Look at the place

interior designer checking interior space

A tour of the place that needs to be designed is the second important thing any interior designer does. Having a look at the place will help in developing an imaginary plan on the spot. Later on the run this imaginary plan will completely change, but will be a good kick start for the project.

  • Research information about the project

interior design research

Researching information is necessary before starting any project. This will help in bringing up new perspectives and knowledges. Research on the problem, come with the solution and apply in the space management. 

  • Make a mood board of the project

colorful cushion throw cozy home mood

Instead of staring at a blank screen, a mood board will help streamline the design process. More over a mood board will give the client an idea of what the finished product will look like. Thereby, the designer can get the approval of the client before too much work is done. Rather that conveying the idea orally, a visual representation will help everyone understand the idea. This will help save lot of time for the designer. A mood board can include images, materials, textures, illustrations, colour palettes, typography, etc.

  • Space planning

new house designing things

Taking some good time in space planning will help you plan better and easier. Analyse how a particular space is going to be used, and then make up a mockup plan of the activities that will take place in the space.

Plan by keeping in mind the personality of the owner. Bring up doodle of ides, do the floor plan, and add in the furnitures, windows and doors. The size and measurements of every element should be considered during space planning. Like the size of the rooms/areas, the measurement of the furnitures, doors and windows.    

While doing the space planning ensure that you don’t overfill the space.  


  • Design review

design colour review interior design

At this stage all the designs are evaluated against the project requirements and outcomes. This is a process to evaluate and critique the current design work and get feedback on the design decisions. Doing a design review is a great way to validate ideas. Design review will also develop a holistic approach to problem solving part.

After the review if there are anything to be changed, research and do the necessary changes.

  • Decide on the appliances, furnitures, colour combinations, fabric, aesthetics, etc.

interior design bangalore house

As we have already decide what are the furnitures, equipment and hardwares during space planing, now its time to confirm on the colour of the furnitures and hardwares, fabric and textures, wall colour combinations and the aesthetics. The colour combination should go well with the colour of the wall, furnitures and the hardwares.

Therefore, an interior designer always plan by keeping in mind who might be living in the particular place, and how the interiors want to come together.  The job is to put together the design. Try to be mindful of going forward in time and not backwards, even though when trying to maintain a single family home, little bit more cozy and traditional.


The endless hours of space planning is involved in order to create a functioning space. Once the space planning is done, the colour, fabric, aesthetics and the finishes gives a good vibe that will make people come back for more. Interior designers find solutions for the problems given to them. They research even the little details, space plan, design, and whatever it takes to be done in order to solve the problem. 

Becoming an interior designer is not a difficult thing, but starting a businesses is much more difficult. Growing and actually sustaining and scaling a business is the hardest thing that you could possibly do.

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bed room interior design duke richards sketch

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